Tom & Huck Distillers

by Firefly Distillery

Scott Newitt, Co-Founder of Tom & Huck Distillers

Tom & Huck Distillers - Spirit of Adventure

The Tom & Huck Collection

From the makers of Firefly Distillery, Tom & Huck Distillers is a collection of aged and distilled spirits, distinguished by the coastal location and maritime climate of the Lowcountry.

Built on the wisdom, perseverance, and expertise of three generations of distillers, makers, and blenders, these unique spirits each capture a smooth, flavorful, and mature taste, celebrating patience, creativity, and the adventure of a lifetime.

The Tom & Huck Distillers collection of spirits is refined in a way that only 20 years of hard work, authenticity, and consistent attention to detail can achieve.

Bend & Steal
Bend & Steal

The Spirit of Family: A Legacy in Distillation

Three generations of passionate distillers, makers, and blenders have poured their hearts and souls into crafting exceptional spirits. At the helm is Co-Founder Jim Irvin, a seasoned veteran who has mastered the art of distillation.

Stepping into the fold is Jay Macmurphy, Jim’s stepson, who brings creativity, technical expertise, and an unwavering dedication to creating unique, high-quality, and memorable spirits.

Rounding out the trio is Riley Macmurphy, Jay’s daughter, who serves as head blender. A rising star in an often male-dominated industry, Riley possesses a natural talent for crafting unique and harmonious blends.

Together, across three generations, they stand as guardians of tradition and pioneers of innovation in the world of spirits.

Bend & Steal

Steel Feathers

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