MAY Tasting Menu

Enjoy a sampling of our signature spirits, introducing our new line of Steel Feathers premium flavored whiskeys!
Guests receive a souvenir shot glass

Round 1

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka
Steel Feathers Southern Tea Whiskey

Round 2

Firefly Southern Lemonade Vodka
Steel Feathers Blackberry Whiskey

Firefly Southern Lemonade Vodka
Distillery Exclusive

Round 3

Sea Island Spice Rum
Steel Feathers Espresso Whiskey

Round 4

Bend & Steal American Whiskey
Firefly Bourbon Ball

Round 5

Firefly Apple Pie Moonshine
Firefly Caramel Moonshine

Round 6

Firefly Coconut Cake Moonshine
Firefly Banana Pudding Moonshine