Limited Edition: LIVE Barrel Proof Bourbon

Limited Edition: LIVE Barrel Proof Bourbon

Tom & Huck Distillers releases a Limited Edition, Live Barrel Proof Bourbon twice a year, in honor of Father’s Day in June and co-founder/Jim Irvin’s birthday in December. Each bottle is hand-selected from the Tom & Huck Distillers’ aging barrel house.

Our first Live Barrel Proof Bourbon from the Tom & Huck Distillers collection

Hand-selected by our master distiller, Live Barrel Proof Bourbon is bottled directly from the barrel; uncut and unfiltered at more than 109.7 proof. It reflects the way whiskey was produced in the days before Prohibition. Drawn from a single barrel aged in our rickhouse where maritime temperatures reach 120 degrees in the summer.

This bourbon has an intense and vicious mix of vanilla, caramel, and honey that explode on contact with the tongue, followed by a surge of smokey oak, cinnamon, orange, and toasted butter. We only produced 186 bottles of this barrel-proof bourbon.

Barreled on August 27th, 2018, and bottled on June 5th, 2024.

Distillery Exclusive. Available while supplies last.