Distillery Expressions Bourbon 375ml

Distillery Expressions Bourbon 375ml

Firefly Distillery Expressions Bourbon is a blend of two coveted honey barrels, selected by our Master Distillers, introducing a nose of smoky oak that transitions to a warm, subtle toffee. On the palate, a buttery, dried apricot yields to a soft vanilla caramel whose lingering sweetness finishes to a punch of cinnamon toast with slightly charred crust.

Our aging houses are located in the humid Maritime Forest of South Carolina, where the days are hotter than hot and the nights a little cooler, providing for rapid temperature fluctuations which accelerates that aging process as the bourbon saturates more quickly in the expanded barrels.

Sold exclusively in Distillery’s Tasting Room and select South Carolina stores



Cocktail Suggestions:

Neat or over ice is preferred to savor the bourbon’s smoothness and richness. Excellent in an Old Fashioned or any traditional bourbon cocktail.

Recipes for Distillery Expressions Bourbon 375ml

The Touchdown



Combine all ingredients over ice in a drink dispenser or pitcher. Garnish with apple slices and enjoy!